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In every dark cloud, we can find a silver lining. The difficult times the world is experiencing during COVID-19 can bring something positive to all of us; we are becoming human beings instead of human doings.


Maybe we needed to be forced to pause everything to understand the importance of being present in life. We are so used to living in a rush, that this seems to be normal. For some people a day looks like this: Driving to work, then pick up the kids from school, prepare lunch, homework with the kids, then make dinner, and so on. Life seems to have a busy schedule that we need to stick to it. And most of the time, we are physically present in a place, but our minds are somewhere else. We are so deep inside of our thoughts that we let the present slip away. When we are at work, we fantasize about being on vacation; on vacation, we are worried about the work piling up on our desks. We forget to live in the moment, in the present.


This pandemic has forced us to stop the routine we are living in. The streets are empty; the stores are closed, restaurants, bars, and many activities and distractions are paused. This lockdown has made us freeze our daily routines and see life with different eyes. It has guided us to go inside our homes and also deep inside of ourselves. Stoping everything we usually do can help us to find a better way of living, being present.


The question is, how can we find meaning in a moment during COVID-19?  Here are some ways that help you to be present:


  1. Close your eyes and breathe

"Whenever you feel anxious about your future or your past, just breathe.” Breathing is directly related to thoughts and emotions. When we are stress out or anxious, our breath can be agitated. Calming our breath can bring us into relaxation. So whenever you feel anxious, sit in a comfortable position in a peaceful place and focus your attention on your breathing, this will bring you into the present moment.


  1. Practice savoring

There is an old Zen proverb that states: "When you walk, walk. When you eat, eat. " Throughout the day, we do different activities, but we are not fully aware of them. We do not realize what we are doing because we have "the head elsewhere." We perform many of the daily activities automatically, without paying attention to them. The reason for this "oversight" is very simple: we are too busy remembering the past or very concerned about the future so that the present escapes us.


  1. Practice Meditation

Meditation is perhaps the most important thing you can do for yourself every day. Meditation prevents your brain from aging, facilitates and improves the quality of sleep, helps relieve stress, improves concentration and attention, and reduces anxiety, among many more benefits. Through meditation and silence, it helps us take a break by giving us that moment of peace.




  1. Pay attention to the small things 

Notice the world around you: the small things. Be thankful for them. Living for the moment and taking notice of the small things will help you cultivate more positive experiences. Just waking up every day and having food can be something to appreciate, especially during these difficult times.


  1. Smile more often

A simple smile can change everything. It will change your attitude for sure. When we smile at every person and every situation, the whole panorama changes. If we feel happy, we smile. If we smile, it makes us feel satisfied.


  1. Appreciate more

When we focus our attention on everything we have, instead of what we do not have, we can realize how fortunate we are. So, complain less and appreciate more! Life is full of blessings; we just need to open our eyes to see them.


  1. Be grateful

Explore your capacity for gratefulness; this will bring you more contentment in life. When we express our gratitude towards life and everything that we have to be thankful, we raise our vibration to higher levels. Vibrating high helps us to strengthen our immunology system. Gratitude is energy and the key that turns problems into blessings and the unexpected into gifts. When you start each day with a grateful heart, the light of the interior comes out. All our dissatisfaction with what we lack or can not change comes from our lack of gratitude. Gratitude is the path to abundance because when we incorporate gratitude into our daily lives, we gain tranquility and joy. Being grateful changes your perspective of how you see and face life. It changes the misted glasses with those we see others, the circumstances, and ourselves.


  1. Practice Yoga

A pandemic is a stressful situation, and this can bring to our bodies soreness and pain. Through the asanas or body postures, we remove the stress and tension accumulated in each muscle. Yoga is considered a meditation in movement through body postures and breathing exercises. Yoga teaches us to live in the present through deep breathing, disconnection to the outside, and with the power to be here and now.


     9. Don't Worry 

Many of us are worrywarts. We waste our time thinking of stuff that might not happen. And sometimes the reality is sweeter than it seems. Remember that worrying today won’t change what happens tomorrow. So do not worry; instead, just breathe and trust! Worrying about things that are out of our control is what frustrates us. By releasing into life what we can not control, we can focus on what we can change. Worry just steal the magic of now.


During this pandemic, it is essential to remember that there is a power in the universe more powerful than we are. All we need to do is relax, breathe, and surrender. The universe has our back!


 10. Integrate CBD to your life

Cannabidiol is a compound found in the cannabis plant that helps to bring your mind into a peaceful state without the psychoactive effects. It relaxes your mind and your body to help to ease the stress and anxiety in our lives. Vedasanas CBD gummies are the best option to integrate CBD to help you to relax your mind and live in the present.


Living in the present is one of the secrets of happiness. When you learn how to live mindful in every moment, you will lead a fuller life and appreciate the beauty in every activity every second of the day.


Letizia & Silvia Romero
Letizia & Silvia Romero

Identical twin sisters CBD Entrepreneurs, Authors, Health & Wellness Advocates, and Yoga & Ayurveda lovers.