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7 Steps to Be Grounded During COVID-19


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If someone told us last year that we will be locked down at home for months, and the world will stop, we probably laugh. We definitely are going through unprecedented challenging times. We all experience such times in our lives when we feel lost and confused and don’t know what to do to get through it.

During this uncertainty, we might experience anxiety to know what is going to happen next? Or some people might feel depressed from COVID-19 for losing jobs, money, business or family members. We need to find a way through these times. The question is, how can I be relaxed and grounded during the Coronavirus chaos? We have a great solution for it:

1. Breath and Relax

One of the benefits of social isolation is your ability to calm yourself and let go of some usual anxieties. Pay attention to and enhance your awareness by practicing continuous mindful breathing. The breath has amazing calming powers. Deep breathing helps your nervous system transition from the “fight or flight” stress response into a more relaxed mode known as “rest and digest.” 

Seating at home in front of the tv can be so tempting, instead find time throughout the day for relaxation – even just ten minutes a day. Breathing exercises are a great way to feel grounded. Through deep inhales, and long exhales for at least 5 minutes will bring your mind to a peaceful state.

2. Practice Yoga

If you feel out of shape or even if you are in shape, stretching is always great to move your body. We all might experience low energy during these stressful times. It is so easy to become a couch potato and have a marathon Netflix when you have so much free time. Yoga will help you to move that stagnant energy to help it to flow. body, but also re-shape your mind. During our yoga practice helps us to release fear and tension by letting go of what we can not control. While you are trying to balance yourself during your poses, your mind will so focus that will disconnect you from your negative thoughts to bring your body and mind to balance. Yoga is a very powerful way to accept, trust, surrender and moving forward to uncertain times.


3. Establish a Daily Routine

Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga teaches us the importance of regularity on our daily bases for our health. Your mind and body seek regularity, and a daily routine is very important to balance and ground you. It is easy to overindulge while quarantine at home and having a daily routine can often be difficult. However, irregularity in sleep, eating at different times of the day, and irregular water intake can unsettle us more. This is why it is even more valuable in creating a daily routine sleeping, eating, and/ or doing just one little thing every day. A way to start having a daily routine is to have a daily practice. Choose one thing you want to begin committing to yourself. This can be waking up at a certain time, having an eating schedule, eat vegetables, meditating for ten minutes, working out (etc.) From here you can begin to commit to a full daily routine.


 4. Restful Sleep

Restful sleep is an essential pillar for good health. While you are sleeping your body repairs, renews and rejuvenates. Good sleep enhances immune function, supports digestion, strengthens body tissues and even extends our life span. 

 5. Eat Nourishing Foods

What you eat has an enormous impact on how you feel. Food is known to directly influence your consciousness and feelings. It can create bliss or anger, contentment or restlessness. The quality of the food you eat literally creates your state of mind, emotions, and consciousness. Foods that are whole and unadulterated contain more of the intelligence of nature and thus create more vitality, alertness, and happiness when you eat them. 

 When you eat fresh, organic fruit and vegetables, whole grains, and spices make you feel contented and satisfied. Now consider how you'd feel after eating a meal consisting of canned, frozen, packaged or fried food, the result might be dullness and depression. A nourishing diet consisting of natural, fresh, light, easy-to-digest for mental, emotional and physical balance. How you eat is also very important, make sure to eat your food mindful in a settled, peaceful environment at regular times.


6. Stay Positive and optimistic

In today’s highly stressful pandemic environment, it is easy to get pulled into negative interactions and exchanges that can leave us feeling distressed, frightened, insecure and pessimistic. Staying positive and optimistic during times of crisis can be challenging, but it’s critical to your well-being and immune system. The uncertainty of what will happen next can give you the feeling of anxiety, fatigue or sleep loss as a result. Stress, fear and all these negative emotions seem to overwhelm us. When you choose your peace and optimism even in the face of utter uncertainty and dust clouds that overtake you, you will start to regain control over yourself, over your feelings and over your future.

 7. Practice gratefulness

Expressing gratitude is the fast track way to feeling better. Even when life seems bleak, there are things we still have for which we should be grateful. Keep a gratitude journal or do a quick morning gratitude meditation. Important things can include your home and shelter, your health, your family, your friends, your ability to put food on your table, and other essentials. Small things are more momentary pleasures, like a hot cup of coffee, a calming bath or a good book. Expressing gratitude opens up your heart like a flower, allowing you to accept all the good that life has to offer. 


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Letizia and Silvia Romero
Letizia and Silvia Romero