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Become The Best Version of Yourself During Quarantine

Letizia & Silvia Romero 

Identical twin sisters CBD Entrepreneurs, Authors, Health & Wellness Advocates, and Yoga & Ayurveda lovers. 

There is always an opportunity to become the best version of yourself. From eating healthier, learning a new language, studying something different, losing weight, or anything you always wanted to do but you didn’t find time to do it, this is maybe the right time. Most of us had been at home after the stay-home order. If you work from home or not, you might find a little extra free time. Guess what? This can be a great opportunity for you to do something you always wanted to do.  Here are some tips for you to be the best version of yourself this quarantine:

Be Healthier

Do you miss chicken wings and beer with your friends on Saturday night? This is the best time to stay healthy since we have no more temptations dining out. You can plan your meals and prepare your food at home. Making your own food is very beneficial for your body and your wallet. Also, it can be so much fun learning and cooking new recipes. Do you always want to do 21 days juicing? This can be a great time to clean your system and be focus on your diet. Cooking healthy at home, planning your meals is a great way to spend your quarantine and stay healthy.

The key to good mental health in quarantine is in the food you eat.

Move Your Body 

The gym is essential for all of us but unfortunately is not considered “an essential business” to be open during COVID-19. This situation can not stop us from exercising and moving our bodies. Some of us always wanted to tone our body, or shrewd some extra pounds. Whatever is your goal, you can still do it from home. You can find online fitness classes from cardio, yoga, or any kind of sports to perform during this pandemic. You might save some minutes since you don’t have to drive to the gym and spend that time working out a little more. Be ready to come out of the quarantine with the best body you ever had.

Improve Yourself

Do you always want to study a new language? Or maybe, you wanted to learn to play the piano, but you could find the time to do it? Guess what? You have the time now, to do it. Learning something new is exciting and helps us to stay motivated. Spending time to improve yourself is always the way to go.

Be More Mindful

There is a Zen proverb that goes something like this: “If you don’t have time to meditate for an hour every day, you should meditate for two hours.” I know, We always find excuses for meditation. Just sitting and breathing can be seen as a waste of time. Well, you might be surprised that meditation increases your productivity, and also relaxes your mind and helps you to be more focused. During the Corona time, we need to find peace and relaxation inside of us, otherwise, we get involved in the world chaos.

Be Wiser 

It is not enough to be smart, but be wise to live life fully. Understanding life and its process will give you a better way of navigating through it instead of fighting to it. Having the wisdom of life is like having instructors on how to walk through it. Our life is not only to live it but to understand every moment and every chapter. We all had taken wrong decisions, we all have failed in relationships, maybe closed businesses, but the most important is what you learn from it?

Be a Better You

You might be a father, mother, son, husband, wife, or whatever your role is, this time you can use it to have a better relationship with the people you love the most. If you want to become a better father, this can be a good time to seat with your kids and have that deep conversation. Call mom or dad and ask them questions you never ask before, like ask them to tell you their love story. Also, do not forget to have a better relationship with yourself. Your self-love is the most important and having the time to take a pause and connect with yourself is how you can be the best version of yourself.

Who we want to become during this quarantine is a personal decision. This is maybe the moment to pause, to work on yourself, to connect with your deepest desires, and achieve your goals. 







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Letizia & Silvia Romero
Letizia & Silvia Romero

Identical twin sisters CBD Entrepreneurs, Authors, Health & Wellness Advocates, and Yoga & Ayurveda lovers.