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You might hear during a yoga class the expression, “what happened in your yoga mat is a mirror of what is going on your life”. What you experience on the mat is a direct reflection of how you are feeling and experiencing in your life. We all have ups and downs in our journey of life. Same way, some days our practice flows perfectly, some others we have struggled during certain poses. Your yoga mat gives you access to parts of yourself that you may never have otherwise been aware of. 

Here are some of the ways your mat can reflect back important and life-changing awareness to you.

How present you are in life

Some days we start our yoga practice, our body is there but our mind is somewhere. We are thinking what should I make for dinner? Did I say the correct thing during that conversation? One of the big lesson you have from yoga, is to be present. Through the asanas and breathing our mind disconnects from our worries and negative thinking to be focus in our poses.

Your body speaks to you

Our bodies storage memories and traumas that we did not process well in life. Most of the pain we experience in our bodies can be related to some emotions that we haven’t let go and are waiting to be heal. During our yoga practice we can listen to our body speak.

Practicing on the mat gives you deep levels of awareness. You just need to listen to your body, focus on your breath and let your body speak.

How well balance is your life

During balancing poses our balanced life will be reflected. When your mind is calm and focus everything that comes from the exterior will not affect us. As balanced is our mind, as balanced is our body.

Your breath reflects your levels of stress

Our breath is like the ocean. When our breath is agitated there is so much turbulence in the water, as well as turbulence in our mind. When our breath is calm like the ocean waves, so our mind is calm. The practice of ocean breathing, or ujjayi breath technique can create peace of mind, body and spirit.

Your transformation

The struggles you confront in your yoga mat are maybe some struggles you have to face in real life. Are you afraid to try headstand? Are you afraid to fall? What is your fear? There are some challenges we need to face whether in life or on our mat that will make us stronger.



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Letizia & Silvia Romero
Letizia & Silvia Romero

Identical twin sisters CBD Entrepreneurs, Authors, Health & Wellness Advocates, and Yoga & Ayurveda lovers.