I suffer from anxiety and sleep disorders. I mainly take some drops in the evenings to calm down from my hectic lifestyle. Now I get 6 hours of sleep compared to the 2 hours I was used to. I wake up well rested and I feel more energy during the day.

Robert Montana


I have tried a few different tinctures, but Vedasanas are spot on. The tincture with ashwagandha has helped relieve my anxiety, helped with my chronic pain. I love this formula 

Patricia R


CBD is the answer for taking control of your health. I have insomnia and have been suffering for over 10 years. I was feeling exhausted and hopeless. These products came into my life at a time where I was about to give up. Thank you!

Shannon Peralta 


Vedasanas sour strips are high quality and taste great. They satisfy my sweet tooth while offering a natural solution to stress, anxiety and insomnia.
I’ve already repurchased these gummies as they really exceed my expectations. Take 2 before bed, have an amazing night of sleep and wake up rested and stress-free! Take a few during the day to calm a racing-mind and take control of your day. 
I found that taking a gummy or two before a yoga class also helps me be focused during my practice. 
Will repurchase!
The topicals smell amazing and really help relieve body aches. I like the heat and cold therapy from the roll on. No more soreness after gym 
Sam R
The oils work very fast and gave me an almost instantaneous feeling of relaxation. 

Maria Bustamante